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We use our innovation and resources to simplify organisations’ digital presence.

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Dash is a platform that facilitates registration within an education environment on multiple levels. The software is hosted in Australia offering functionality to create customised forms and workflow applicable to sport and other activities.Dash also provides solutions for role management, results management and online payments. If you are an organisation who would like to use Dash, you can check it out here.

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Who we are


Starting in 2006 as a high school project out of Tim’s garage, we are now a team capable of tackling projects of all sizes. We’ve spent years building websites for hundreds of local businesses and communities. We have also partnered with several design agencies to be the sole supplier of their development work.

We love going above expectations and making technical solutions that simplify your business. Whether it’s creating a home for your online store or creating a super fast system to save you hours of time and streamline all your business problems, there is nothing too complex for us to simplify.

The Team

Tim Faase

Technical Director

Dylan Smith

Dash Consultant

Trevor Smolinski

Senior Digital Producer

Steve Martin